New to Denon what mixer to pair with SC 6000

Hey All,

Really looking for some advice as to what I should be looking at mixer wise to pair with my recently purchased SC6000’s, I’ve previously been a controller / all in one set up DJ using pioneer gear and am really new into my dj adventure and playing roughly 12 months so still a massive learning curve , I have read another post in here and gained some idea but the was from djs with what seemed to be many years experience and talking top end gear, im not in the market dollar wise for v10 pioneer but would like something that is going to both allow me to grow my technique offering best features but also reasonably future proof for a fair while, the x1850 and Allen heath px5 seem to pop up regularly here in Australia the x1850 is $2k px5 $1800, really don’t want to break the $2k barrier if I can help it, over to you guys what’s best bang for buck feature rich mixer that’s going to serve me well. Thanks in advance

If the x1850 fits within your budget, I’d say that would be the obvious choice. The gear would be able to “talk together” in ways it won’t with a mixer from a different brand, and the compatibility could even increase further in the future, depending on which features that’ll be added to new firmware versions :slight_smile:

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Agreed. But the X1850 is also the worst quality wise out of the choice available in the club mixer format (PX5, DJM900nxs2) so I would ask myself in his shoes do I really need the features a Prime combo would offer me: quantized FX, cue color buttons/platter matching, cue preview?

I would rather take the Xone PX5 tbh


You forgot engine lighting! That’s only possible with the X1850 in stand alone mode.

That is a awesome killer feature.

I have mine for over a year and it’s rock solid. I go with you that it might be not as good as other brands when being on the road with many different DJs. But for normal use / home use it’s perfect.


True :thinking: :+1:


so i do like Allen & Heath, but it starts with the xone92 for me.

I played my sc6000 with a DJM 750 MK2, and i own myself a X1850 (and had before a x1800)

Honestly, i do like my x1850/1800 more than the pioneer stuff. For me the Denons are a clear winner. Especially with the price point in Germany. But dont know the Australian prices.

I also would go with the Denon Mixer in comparison to the A&H. If you are going deep into the InMusic and denon universe. For example with soundswitch you need the x1800/1850 to communicate right. If you planing to host smaller events, the light option, without a PC, is way to nice. (But i do like lights very much and therefore Denon +Soundswitch is a main thing for me).

There are many more features like the BPM effects in the x1850 are working good with the sc6000. Its just a set that is optimized for each other.

Maybe a xone 92 does sometimes keeps me dreaming because of the Two Mid EQs. But still, i like my soundswitch to much.

Maybe you can get a cheaper x1800 somewhere.

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Just off the top of my head, I’d say either an STP Vestax Phoenix or a Denon DJ X18xx series mixer. Keep it simple. :slight_smile:

He can probably find a mint X1800 for US$500-700.

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If he he can get a x1800 for that price, there is not even a discussion anymore :smiley:


Has their resale value suddenly gone up?

I run a single SC5000, 2 @ SL1200MK3, RMX1000 with a XONE96. It’s the perfect for my workflow and needs. Choose the tools that fit your work and format, but also future proof yourself. Don’t fall the consumer trap of “but if I wait the new one will come out”, then the new one comes out and you don’t get it and wait for the next newer one.

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I bought my x1800 for 600€ used and sold it for 700€. But the Mixer costs in Germany 1200-1300€. So its way cheaper than in Australia. So i thought the resale price would also be higher there.

I’ll throw my vote in for the px5 unless you see yourself using engine lighting as previously mentioned. Higher quality fx.


Thanks all seems most think stick with the denon, lighting probably won’t be a thing, im starting to secure a few gigs but most will be on the supplied Pioneer gear . Agree with not waiting for the next model and will grab something soon , used wise very little available here in Aus even new for the 1850 would be from interstate 8 hours flight away as nobody stocking here the P5 is available , we are very isolated in Perth

Avoid the X1800 it is highly likely you will end up with the crackling issue as some point, pay the little extra and get the X1850

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It appears easy to fix that issue.

In your situation, unable to find a cheap X18xx, and stuck in Australia, I’d get this:

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Its not always, I did the fix and it was better for less than a week. I had to send it to Denon in the end.

Strange. I wonder if you have to preempt it and do the mod early before it causes damage. My two x1800s have never had this issue, but I wonder if I should do it just in case.

(Edit: posted by bassweight on YT

Some people will get lucky with this fix for a short time like i did, but then i dug abit deeper in to this problem. The problem is a row of 25v 100uf capacitors next to the relays on the top board with all the inputs and outputs. the capacitors are rubycon pk series and maybe denon bought a big batch of bad capacitors. You will see two relays next to the xlr outputs and some more further down the board, change the 25v 100uf capacitors next to the relays, it will stop this issue my advice is use 105c low esr 25v 100uf caps, when i measured the original capacitors they had halfed in capacitance and were around 56uf this causes the relays to chatter or vibrate causing loss of output or distortion.)

Surprised to see no recommendations for an X1700, built great, sounds great, fully digital, on board FX, has the old spiral logo on the boot screen, hard to go wrong if you can find one.

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I’ve pushed the X1700 for years and still say it’s the best mixer Denon ever produced, by far. I’m still using mine, even after Denon stopped updating it so I can’t connect it to a computer. So glad I didn’t buy the 1800 as the quality control with that mixer has been abysmal. So many issues that Denon (The in music version) won’t cop to.

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