NEW - SC5000M Professional DJ Media Player with Motorized Platter and 7” Multi-Touch Display

We’re happy to announce the Denon DJ SC5000M, Motorized Platter, Professional DJ Media Player!

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The SC5000M is the latest addition to Denon DJ’s Prime Series line up, bringing a motorized platter, legacy vinyl experience to DJs. Built on the interface and hardware of the multi-tech award-winning SC5000 DJ media player, the ‘M’ (for ‘Motorized’) returns DJs home to the true vinyl feeling that is the very core of performance DJing.

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Looks great :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: But would have hoped focus would be elsewhere atm.

Very nice, does it have any new features beside the motorized platter ?

I know a lot of people around here have been asking for this. They should be pretty happy today. I’ll stick with my regular platters because oof! 6.4kg! Heavy little buggers! But beautiful - welcome to the family.

Please remove the big M. It’s ugly this way. :sunglasses:

Great new hardware… but denon… fix your software isues … !!!


That’s not enough??? LOL. Seriously though, I think it’s exactly the same feature-wise.

Todd, it’s still a lightweight compared to a set of SL1200s!

I’ll agree with that one, something slightly more modest and chic would have been better :stuck_out_tongue:

I am guessing the hardware design folks and the software design guys folks are in different departments :slight_smile:

Dj_vintage: yes for sure - but they all work and payed from the same company. Goal must be the perfekt product … not focused on only one part …

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