New SC5000M or Refurbished?

Went to use my SD card slot for the first time today and there’s a red wire hanging down! ■■■!!! This player is only a couple of days old!!

There’s also a blemish on the top plate I noticed today in certain light. I was willing to deal with that but this wire thing is unacceptable!

I think denon is refurbishing units that were sent back and selling them as new.


I would take an old credit card or a butter knife (with the power cable unplugged on your unit) and try to gently push it back into that crack. There’s a little gap between the plastic and the metal edge of the card reader slot that it might have just snuck out. On my Ms you can see the red cable inside that gap about a half cm to a cm inside, but I can see how it might have crept forward. It’s probably harmless. But your mileage may vary and if you’re clumsy trying to take this into your own hands, you might mess something up. If I was presented with that situation, I’d personally deal with it myself.

I think this is relatively easy to remedy yourself, but I can also imagine that you don’t want to or don’t like it that way…

Return it and ask for a swap within return period… or claim warranty?

Did you buy from Denon?

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No I bought from a retailer.

It’s not the point of can I fix it. The point is there is a scuff/worn spot next to the slip button and a wire hanging in my sd card slot. I payed a lot of money and I find this unacceptable.

Will contact the retailer tomorrow, but I wanted to let denon know that if your sending out used or refurbished gear that you should go over every inch and make sure it looks new. This is Unacceptable!

And I’ve contacted by phone Lewis and Jason about small questions and was told I’d hear back by the end of the day and nothing !

I get emails saying my case is closed, respond to reopen even though no one got back to me.

Losing faith in Denon very quickly.

Clearly the end of the world.

Contact the dealer that you bought it from, email them the photos if they ask for evidence of the two minor thingies. They may swap the unit due to the wire. The cosmetic blemish could have been there before you opened it, or since. I’m not sure how you’d prove that either way, if asked. You shouldn’t need to, but either way it’s only cosmetic.

As for “I contacted x and haven’t heard back” - give it a little while, there are other customers and other queries.

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Can you guarantee that Denon are sending out second hand devices, and that the damage was not done after Denon shipped it to the retailer - I dint think so. It could even have been the retailer that damaged it - you just never know, so it seems a bit unfair to blame Denon without fully understanding what happened to it.

Shouldn’t be a big deal - take it back and exchange it for a new one you’re happy with, or get a refund.

I do sympathise with you regarding not getting any contact back - I raised a case with Denon a year ago, and I have still not had a reply - best thing I have found is to bring it to the attention of Denon on this forum, as you have done.

I’m not blaming. I’m asking that’s why the ? This is the second player I have gotten from the retailer that has issues. The first one had a wobble in the motor plate that you attach the platter to.

I chalked that up to “stuff happens” and exchanged it for this one.

I didn’t make a big deal about the first one because I know things can happen but to have issues with another. Well I’m just taken back by this whole thing.

This one also has worn out parts of the top plate like it has been used by someone before. That’s what made me come to this title…

InMusic already has an outlet for selling b-stock on ebay using their Reno warehouse. They also use b-stock for dealing with people who are not quite under warranty but something very unexpected has occurred with the gear… like an actual defect or build quality problem finally reared its head right out of warranty. I don’t see much reason for them to be trying to pass off refurbs as new. While anything is possible, they’ve always been very up front and accurate to me on that topic over the past 20 years, regardless of other stuff.

Your dealer certainly could have sent you a return, though. Was the unit otherwise completely sealed and looked brand spanking new in the packaging when you opened it? Including all the parts inside? How significant is this blemish you’re talking about? Take a photo of it and share it here. If you keep having issues with this dealer, consider going directly to InMusic on the topic. It’s completely plausible, though, that all these units were like how you got them direct from the factory and your dealer has been completely honest to you.

This is the Blemish that the unit came with right out of a sealed box. I had to cut the little plastic circles that seal the box from denon. So with that and the wire hanging you can understand why I thought maybe refurbed.

I spoke to retailer they are taking it back. They have one more left in stock will check it over fully before leaving the store and post back.


What / where is ?

I can clearly see surface scratches below and to the right of the slip button as well as directly to the left of slip button S_Anderson


Update I went to the retailer and opened the other one they had there and it was in perfect condition! No red wire and no scratches/blemishes. Im very happy with the outcome as I really do love these players.

I will say that Denon was prepared to go above and beyond by sending me 2 new units directly if today didn’t work out. So im very happy with the support from them!!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment and get involved…


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