New SC5000 user with some questions & concerns (Serato + Engine)

Bought an SC5000 a couple of days ago and there are some things I’m not really liking about it. The 0.05% tempo being my main concern. The genres I mix, I need to change the pitch by 1.16 or 2.32%, and so tracks drift out when only set to 1.15 or 2.30. I’ve searched the forums already and found I’m not alone on wanting this, so I’ll leave it there for fear of getting the thread locked…

The way I found around this, is by plugging it into my laptop with my MCX8000 and using it to control Serato, which has 0.01% pitch accuracy. But when you change the pitch, then move to another deck, the pitch just switches back to the original pitch of the song! Useless! Is there some kind of pitch lock or master pitch setting like on Pioneers? I think it’s because I’m using it in conjunction with the MCX8000, so when I switch channels on the SC it reverts to whatever tempo is set on the MCX. I’m aware this may be more of a Serato issue than a Denon one (Would denon make the drivers & mapping for Serato or would Serato do it themselves?). Is there a way to bypass the mixing interface on the MCX and just use it as a mixer when over USB?

It’s a shame really, I love my MCX, but got the SC5000 so I could be a bit more accurate and get used to mixing on a big professional player. It’s a beautiful piece of hardware, and runs great, but I’m really hoping these little minor software issues get addressed in the near future.

How has everyone else found using the SC5000s? Anyone else tried using it through Serato?

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hi @termworker,

I have hooked up the sc5000s to serato. I quite like it. it’s very stable and there does not seem to be any lag. obviously the main difference is that the coloured waveforms do not show on the players and who knows if this will change. I found out after a while that you need a serato license (I previously had an sx2 which worked with serato with no license). I think if you are a person that really likes serato and has your crates organised you may still want to have serato controller mode facility on the sc5000s. Personally I am trying to get away from using the laptop but still have some stuff to put into the engine software before i can release myself. good luck with the denons, I love them!

Yes lot of people asking for better high resolution picth since early 2018 @JWiLL any improvement for 2019 ?

All I can say is patience! Again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:

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Stop with teasing mate :drooling_face:

SC5000M controller/Serato mode ? Should I continue to have “patience” as well for this feature? :yum:

We should start seeing bigger NAMM announcements starting Wed! Hang on folks!! : )

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Hahaha wouldn’t know that sorry.

Patience Patience Patience

Better beat gridding…is patience appropriate.


Ooooooooook, NAMM-proper starts tomorrow morning! We all excited?! : ))))))

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