New pioneer xdj rx3

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no wifi, touch screen only partially, 1999 euros.

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LoL, they are standing still and waiting for what…?

Btw the only things I like is the Phrase Display but bruh the price

It is strange to see that on both the new RX3 and CDJ3000 they advertise the “new 3 color waveform” a lot.

Instead we who have always had 3 colors, we request functionality to obtain the RGB waveform. :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :scream:


They’re seeing the light - all three wavelengths lol

It’s a dumb price, especially for only 2 channels

In my opinion some people don’t like the “green RGB PC gaming”

Looks very nice and professional… As an allround DJ I think you’re better of with a Prime 4 (competitor?). I use the wifi for requests I don’t have. Works perfect. Tidal integration is great.

But as I must say… personally the pioneer looks are very very good!! I like the playlist banks on the R3 nice feature.

however, looking at the video on dj techtools, you can see that the zoom on the waveforms is only through the knob not on the touch! and also the scrolling of the list on the tracks in the library too and only with the knob on the right!

There seems to be a lot though hardware and not touch within the menus too.

Mojaxx breaks a lot down but there is hardly any mention of the Prime 4, only about rivals offering streaming services.

Being a Beatsource ambassador, it seemed the only area that he was frustrated.

There is not even the possibility of installing an HDD / SSD internally! I find the location of the rotary navigation button badly located in the sense that it will be necessary to buy a very specific flightcase, when they could have made sure that future users can use the flightcases provided for the Denon Prime 2 or Prime 4 , but hey you have to sell accessories. $ 1999 the XDJ RX3 controller with a 10.1 inch screen and when they release the XDJ XZ mkII in 10.1 ", it will be $ 3199 ???

the touchscreen is old fasion… it works but no ipad/smrtphone feel. It’s just single touch and works pressure sense.

The reason nobody mentioned denon is because it’s a review and not a compare (that’s what I think).

Because Pioneer pays for reviews and there are stipulations on how it can be reviewed, otherwise you can face sanctions and lose access to pre-release units and the ability to review. Been like that for more than two decades, how else do you think Pioneer became “the industry standard”. It’s right out the Apple playbook.


I literally written a really long reply earlier stating just this but deleted it as I felt that it was too long.

The review appeared on DJ City, as do all Pioneer DJ releases, as an influencer style. An #ad #sponsored promo.

I fully understand how these work and is why I loved Mark Settle over at DJ Worx so much as he refused to sign NDAs which put his early “first look” reviews to the back of the queue. He was proud of that and could allow him to tell it how it is.

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Imagine Denon DJ announcing free Serato DJ Pro support for the Prime2 …that will be something


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Because the display is resistive and does not allow multitouch.

True. The Denon DJ Prime series is certainly better than this latest console in both price and performance, however … but …

The customizable GUI of this RX3 and CDJ3000 are better than our GUI. The ability to customize the icons on the left for faster access to playlists, the more expanded track list and customizable columns, are all aspects that I think are better than our GUI.

If the following feature requests could be implemented in our Engine OS, we will probably be able to reach the same level:

  1. THIS
  2. THIS
  3. THIS
  4. THIS

I hope someday we can have all of this too! :thinking:


Well… sorry to say this, but I love it.

10” screen well implemented, everything in his place, good UX design and a “lots and lots and lots” of options. Very joyful device.

I like the Pad FX use to launch effects… another step ahead. Seems well constructed, good knobs and faders.

When Pionner launch his next all-in-one 4 decks (not the current 2+2 channels like the XZ) with this OS, sure I go for it and sell my Prime4. Not matter if cost 1000€ more than prime4. I like to pay for something works how I expect.


I agree the features, UX, and GUI are impressive. Looks like a lot of fun to DJ on.

Out of interest, what isnt working as you expect it to on the Prime 4? Seems like a lot of cash to throw at something that will do 99% of the same thing.

Poor quality effects

Bad BMP analysis and grid issues (75% of techno/house tracks not well detected)

Pad effects not quantized

Poor screen layout design

Poor file and tags management

Half of sweep FX not routed to headphones

Engine DJ software very weak

And here in forum you have tons and tons of issues to read about.

I found myself more comfortable playing with my two Technics + Xone92 and Traktor DVS than with Prime4. Is not a bad device but have too many details to improve at this time.

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Well NAMM 2022 is in June, sounds like about the same time Pioneer will be ready announce their compatibility :rofl: