New mixer needed

Hi All

The media players are next level and future proofed. However the biggest let down for me is the quality of the mixers both x1800 and x1850. We need a mixer comparable to v10 and something comparable to the sister brand A&H xone 96. My mixer is now warm out and now considering to buy a new one ; but Denon options not really that good ; so seriously thinking of A9 or V10 or 96 ; despite no fx. What’s the view on this? Thanks


to be honest, I’m not that deep and experienced to give you prober advice. But after got back my x1850 from the repair service, I am thinking about the same thing.

For me as a home dj and user of four channel rotation with two sc6000, there is only one mixer with the best price/performance ratio in my opinion.

djm 750 mk2…

Build quality just not there on the Denon mixers; I had problems with cue buttons, started to get wonky and after long use the cue master would sound bad. Overall not a good set of mixers. Media players are awesome but mixers have serious short comings.

Iam with you. its my third x1850 mixer now. Its a nice piece with huge features but a bit struggle when it comes to quality.