New MC7000 distortion

Bought a new MC7000 used for 5 hours no issue, next day used after 10 mins distortion, switch off ok for 10 mins then distortion. repeated 3 times then run fine for 4 hours. Looked at firmware and it says i have current, using vdj windows 10. Do i just return controller? Firmware as shown Using Denon DJ MC7000 asio drivers


Need relevant information. What’s your ASIO buffer size? Have you tried adjusting it? Distortion implies ASIO buffer too small.

Asio Buffer 512

You could try to disable the mainboard audio with bios/uefi. Sometimes they use the same IRQ and cause distortion sounds, or stuttering sound, even if they´re not in use. Asio buffersize 512 is also a bit high for my oppinion. Lower Buffersize higher CPU Load, but to high buffersize can caus also problems, like high latency. I would preffer a buffersize of 256.

Hot laptops can’t keep it together processing fast. So when the laptop is cold it copes with really low latency but, then as the laptop heats up it processes slower and slower so starts faltering and chopping up and stuttering the audio.

To test this, set the latency setting up to a very high setting like 200ms instead of the usual 5 or 10ms and see if the distortion still happens when the laptop gets hot. If it still distorts at 200ms latency then it’s something else causing the problems, like faulty usb leads or bad old user drivers

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Ah, yeah … thats also a problem. you can also look in energy options, and set your laptop to highest performance, so that cpu does not throttle on heat. but, keep in mind to cool your system, maybe a laptop cooler or something.

Just don’t do what my mate did. He ran the laptop cooler from the laptop usb bus, which made the laptop increase its load power and so increased its heat , not the idea really .

this was running on a high spec pc not a laptop, if it was heat why would it then work for the remainder of night? PC was at about 4% so not my pc issue. Distortion was also heard through headphones, and the sound seemed to stutter/repeat

Have you tried it with DJ software other than VDJ, to discount VDJ settings causing an issue?

no, only have vdj, never had an issue with vdj in the 15 years i have had it with numerous controllers. Doing a quick google it looks like lots have had issues with this same problem.

Laptop and high PCs can both suffer from latency.

And it’s not only heat that can suddenly cut in and give the computer more to think about, causing the stuttering, other background tasks Like network hunting, drive searches, recording and dozens of other things in the computer can cut in and cause latency issues

Again , try pushing the latency setting up to its highest and run a playlist nonstop for a few hours and keep checking it for stutters and stuff. If it all sounds good at massive latency, reboot and try the test again with the latency a bit lower. When it starts stuttering, take the latency back up a bit.

Sometimes new versions of the same DJ software can give the computer headaches. Some reports for example of the VDJ version with Vocal separation stuff on it has had bad stuttering and distortion on computers which were ok running more slender versions of VDJ without distortion.

Other simple things. Usb drivers, Usb lead, other Usb devices drawing power, powered speakers sending DC back to the 7000? Shrug

hmmm … okay. then it is a strange problem. but if other users of the mc7000 have the same problem. maybe some one has fixed it, and could give a hint. it seems to be a driver problem. maybe with usb driver or else. try to use drivers from the chip manufractor directly, instead of microsoft drivers. I had allway bad luck with microsoft drivers. I had a simary issue with my DAW, but it is fixed now. It was a “microsoft service” which allways called the problem. I stopped it in registry, and then the issue was gone. I will look for that service name, and call it to you. Maybe it is the same stupid service, wich causes the problem.

when you say latency do you mean increase the Asio Buffer 512 to higher?

you get lower latency with smaller buffer size. But it increases the amount of CPU power, which is need. If you higher the buffersize you get higher latency (not so fast reaction), but decrease the CPU Power load.

you have to find the middle between good performance and cpu load.

egg: I have ASIO buffersize about 256 Samples … which gives me a latency of 8ms. 512 samples gives me 14ms, which is also okay … but for my taste a bit to lame for recording.

ehm … how you set your sample rate ? … you don´t need 48khz for djing. just set it to 44.1 - thats also enough. 48khz is only used in studioor even higher rates like 192khz. We only need 44.1 khz.

ok set in vdj to 44100 and to 512 give it a try thanks

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