New Machine? RMX?

Will we be lucky to see some new machine type RMX-1000?

Not in 2020 if you ask me.

The focus is now on making EngineOS and Engine Prime even better.

I think we’ve had the hardware for this year announced just recently - we’ll have to wait until 2021 for a DJS1000 or RMX1000, if Denon have any desire to release anything like that at all.

As Engell said, the focus is now hopefully getting the software sorted.

I think it is correct, but I think it is an instrument that is increasingly used in discos and that does not involve a great effort as a table or other equipment. For the users who already use the denon equipment, if they gave us any information about whether that product has it in mind, they would wait for me to buy it. If you tell me directly that you have no thought or weigh that idea then I will have to buy the one of other brands …

I agree - have to be honest that i am a little disappointed that we didn’t get a sampler this year, however now I am of the opinion that Denon will never release anything like this, as InMusic have Akai for all those products.

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Yeah that totally baffles me why they’re not putting a sampler on the Prime 4. I can’t believe it would be that difficult to do. It was always the standard on any DJ equipment. There are so many variables where samples could be used such as filling brakes with a beat. Or adding different beats to amp up a song. Even if they just added a stand-alone sampler unit would be awesome.

Filling breaks is one of the biggest reasons for me wanting to use a sampler.

Standalone would be ace, but I think they’ll probably prefer you to buy an Akai Force, or something like that. I just cant see any interest from InMusic in releasing a Denon product, when they already have an established sampler manufacturer - what i am hoping for now is good interoperability between the Denon and Akai devices,

I actually had an opportunity to play with the akai Force. It was way too complex for me. Drove my ADHD out the roof…haha. Way too many buttons for me to remember what does what. Plus it’s much more than just a sampler. It can be used to create whole songs. All they would have to do is enable the pads to be assigned as a sampler. You shouldn’t even need a memory bank in it as you have that with your drive. It would just automatically remember what sample you assigned to each pad.

This is what is stopping me getting one - I dont want to have to sit a degree course in order to work the thing. A DJS1000 style device is what I was after, really. I’d get one, but I have read a lot about it and the Denon kit not working well together, which is not a surprise, really, considering they were never meant to.

There’s the MPC Live - anyone had any experience with that?

I think that the person or dj who is in a cabin likes to have everything from the same manufacturer. Not a table of one, the plate of another, the cdj of another, the effects of another … I would like Denon to make his own RMX.

I completely agree - I’d love a Denon sampler - I just cant see one coming along while Akai are still in the InMusic group.


You just need some spare buttons and some sticky tape :stop_sign::eight_pointed_black_star::sparkle::white_check_mark::stop_button::arrow_forward:

Actually all they would have to do for sampling is use the hot cue cuz you can take any hot cue and loop it and turn it into a sample the only difference is the hot cue is only remembered while the song is on the deck where as with the sampling function the prime 4 would remember it from your hard drive that way even if you turned off your unit when you turn it back on it will already have it set up in your sampler section. As of now if you want to sample you have to use two of the decks and every time you turn the unit back on you have to reload those samples.

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This is why we wont see a Denon sampler, imho:

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No point for inmusic to tread on their own toes.

Clever re-use of research though. A lot of the akai screens and buttons look like denon buttons and screens or is it the other way around

The screens of SC5000’s report them selfs to a computer via usb as a Numark display

If I’m not mistaken, it was the Akai hardware that got those screens and multicore processor first and it turned out to be an opportunity to develop the SC5000 from that basis.

Very possible. How ever, the display uses numark driver, or is a complete numark product.

Yep we just need a synchro with these devices

Could be first in those. It’s just what was registered. The network mac-addresses are all from the Alesis range. :sunglasses:

It’s simply a smart way of using multi brand components to keep costs low.