New laptop - ssd partition type

I just bought a new laptop with two ssds. The first is formatted in ntfs, with Win10 os on it. On the second, I want to put my collection so that it is detected in wifi by my Prime4 on 3.0. Does I have to format this ssd in exfat ? Or will it be visible even in ntfs ? I noticed that ssds in exfat cannot be optimized by Win10 and I found it annoying…

Leave your PC internal drives in the native supported partition

Win - NTFS Mac - APFS

Network play does not require exFat


Thank you ! Since there are many rewritings on this disk I think it’s better to optimize it sometimes.

Ouch ! :joy: Excuse me but one more question. If I install Engine Dj software on this laptop, in this case, will I be able to see my second ssd with my collection and work on it, if it’s on a ntfs disk ? :thinking: Edit : Ok don’t bother, I’ve just tried and it works. So exfat is only for when you plug something external on Prime4

You need ExFAT when using that drive on an EngineOS device.

Engine Desktop can also use the drive types of your operating system (Win/Mac).

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If you want to get technical, you can actually move your native Music folder to the second internal SSD if you want as well.

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