New laptop needed

Hi there,

I’m looking to buy a new laptop. Can you guys give me some tips what to look for?

I use the laptop for EngineDJ, office364, internet browsing with 20 tabs open in Chrome and some other tasks which are way less demanding.

For the operating system I want/need te stay within the windows ecosystem.

I have a music collection of about 1tb.on my harddrive. There currently are 57k tracks imported into my main engine database.

Any help is appreciated. Since it seems like modern laptops aren’t being sold with huge hard-drive capabilities anymore, nor with multiple swappable bays for hdd’s.

If you don’t need a monster, some laptops on i5 Intel or Amd Ryzen 7 aren’t too expensive… And ssd’s price is getting cheaper and cheaper. I bought a 4 To Crucial ssd on Amazon for 290€. Before buying see if you can change or add ssd or nvme and you can make many partitions. And today, 16 go ram is common. For engine use, you may also buy an external ssd. I have one Samsung T7 shield and very happy with it. Fast and reliable


Buy a macbook and Parallels desktop for running windows apps. Once on mac you may wonder why you didn’t switch before…