New issue usb dns 1200.......

Hi i have a problem again and again and again.

So before i couldnt read mp3 because of error message rate files is not 44khz.

I resolved that issue with a software.

After that i couldnt read my mp3 because it was on vbr , so i covert them in CBR finally !!

Now i have again a problem and it start to be very super frustrating.

I put my first usb and it works but if i touch to many button or try to advance the music very fast it can crash and said no device then i need to recreate database again etc…

Now the real issue its with my seconf usb key. I put exactly the same file in the same area than the first key and it doesnt work !!

Or it said no device, or it doeesnt load the databse, or it load until 40% or it load complitly but then when i wait to access it it ask to creat database again. I really dont know what to do . This appear in the 2 players.

Maybe its my usb but its a new one.

What is strange its that the wrong usb get hot super fast compare to the other.

thanks for help

Yeah, I would be looking at the quality of the USB stick(s). That it is new, means very little. In memory land there are various options.

It takes the right combination of memory chips, controller, circuit board to make a good USB. So, yes, there are defnitely very lousy USB sticks on the market that - forgive my French - suck right out of the package. While it is not exactly linear, you can expect the cheapest sticks to be the worst. Go for a decent brand, there are a few posts on these forums and other DJ sites about USB sticks and get something other than their cheapest offering. No need to go overboard, but this a tool of your trade, you want something good and dependable and should be willing to pay that little extra.

No free seats in the front row, right?

How many tracks do you have in each folder? Is it more than 1000?

It could also be the USB sticks you are using. Old 1200 users ran into the same issue with certain brands/models of thumb drives. Sandisk was the brand that worked best most of the time. Just make sure the drive you end up using doesn’t contain any extra stuff on it (like multiple partitions or backup programs like the Sandisk U3 smart utility).

If you do get a Sandisk…

  1. make sure it can be returned for a full refund (just in case the one you get has problems working properly).

  2. format it Fat 32 to make sure any and all extra stuff/crap is cleared from it.

  3. Copy/paste your tracks/songs to the drive (observe the max songs per folder structure… I believe it’s 1000 songs max per folder).

  4. let the deck make a DB for it.

Let us know how it works out.

Good one. I forgot to mention in my reply that you should try to use the HP USB Disk Storage Tool to format. It is the single most reliable tool for getting USB-stick to behave as standard as possible. Every little thing helps, right?