New Forum - New Features

Greetings and welcome to the New Denon DJ forums.

This isn’t just the old forum restored from a backup, or the old server rebooted, it’s a whole new forum platform, with many new features, built from the ground up. Many hundreds of new options are in this forum, each with their own set of controls in the background. We’ve tested many of those settings, but, the true test will be once people start accessing the forum from a multitude of different devices, different screen sizes, different preferences, browsers… and users of course.

If you find an option in the forum that sounds interesting but you’re not sure how to use it, or if you feel that the forum should work differently, or should look different, then please tell us and we’ll aim at explaining or adjusting to maximise the user experience of the forum.

Explore and enjoy your all-new, Denon DJ Forum


Hi guys. The forum looks class. One can see the amount of hard work Denon DJ has put into the relaunch. Well done guys. P.S will ye please get those SC5000’s and X1800’s on the shelves. Can’t wait to get my hands on them.

I think you’ll find that is not the case - if it was happening when we switched on the Forum then it may have been an early programming over-hang as our team worked on the back end over the past few months. Go ahead, try it out :slight_smile:

Gotta admit the Forum design is good. Loving the edit function.

I don’t know what the old forum was like so I can’t compare.

I hope we are allowed to make both positive and negative feedback without censorship. That’s the only way you can improve your service and products.

Keep it up.

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Good or bad comments about existing features and products are welcome from existing genuine users.

On the old forum and more recently on some unofficial Facebook groups there have been some trolls who don’t even own the equipment that is being discussed and/or launch into bitter, swearing and quite simply rude and over the top attacks.

In the old forum, such trolling would be dealt with only by moderators. One of the brilliant features of this new forum is that if a vicious, trolling or spam post is thrown into the forum by anyone, the post can be Flagged by ANY forum members and, after the preset number of votes is reached by forum members the nasty post is automatically removed, without the need for moderator or admin manual action.

Whilst the forum is protected from many trolls, spammers, sock puppets, IP address spinners and other vandals, there’s bound to be the occasional wasp will get to the picnic, so be sure to use the FLAG option at the button of any spam/troll post

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Thanks for mentioning this.

Auto log out is indeed a feature on the forum,

As you can probably imagine, this new forum is just that, New :slight_smile: and there’s all sorts of settings and suggestions for smooth running, security etc.

However, convenience for all the community members is an important factor also, so since your post, we’ve has boosted the auto-log out from 24 hours to 48 hours.

Hope that helps !

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Join me in the previous speaker. However, there are security warnings about the unsecured LogIn of the forum.

I think that even the automatic disconnection after the publication remains insufficient at least 72 hours it goes thank you very much for the explanation in any case Tutuapp 9apps Showbox