New fixture

i finally got the micro dmx! I studied how the program works, I have a party bar (jb system) the fixtures are wrong! with any type of analysis or autoloop the four strobe LEDs and the laser never turn on! to turn them on I have to open the gobos on the left and from there I can select and adjust them! so instead of loading its fixtures I created some generic patches on the various addresses by reading the instructions on the jb system site! now everything works because I have both the rgb and the motors in the various tracks !! now what I would like to do and save what I have created in the form of a new fixture! does anyone know if I can somehow save it as a fixture !!


One for you

Hey DJveleno,

Can you send the user manual to and we will get that sorted for you.

thanks, I sent the party bar manual to the email! if you want to check the fixture go ahead!

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