-= NEW Firmware for SC5000 (1.0.2) and X1800 Mixer (1.1) =-

New Firmware for X1800 Prime Mixer and SC5000 Prime Media Player !!!

Greetings forum members. We’d like to give all of you some advanced notice that the new firmware for the award winning SC5000 Prime media player, and astounding X1800 Prime mixer.

In a few hours time, the social media groups will be alight with the news of the new firmware with links in those social media group for users to download it. For all of you here, who are members of the Denon DJ forum, you’ll find all the details, and a download link to the firmware RIGHT HERE in THIS forum thread.

Please read the instructions below, and the instructions included in the download, carefully.

OWNERS OF X1800 MIXER - Please note that it is VERY important that you install the new X1800 Mixer firmware FIRST, before you install the new SC5000 media player firmware.

SC5000 PRIME Firmware Update 1.0.2 Release Notes


● Controller Mode support implemented

Fixes: ● Improved scratching sound at low speeds

● Fixed an issue where heavy scratching for several hours could result in a player resetting.

● Fixed an issue where remote playlists would show up in a different order than local playlists.

● Fixed an issue where an SD card warning would be shown even though no problem with the SD card reader occurred.

● File transfers over network are now more robust.

● Fixed an issue where in rare circumstances, selecting or ejecting a drive could cause a player to hang.

● Fixed an issue where unplugging and re-plugging a drive would result in the drive not showing up on a remote player.

● Fixed an issue where loading certain larger databases would show a “DB Corruption Warning” upon source selection.

● Fixed an issue where repeatedly mashing the left hand collection buttons could lead to a hang.

● Fixed an issue where folders ending in “ “ or “.” would result in tracks within that folder showing up as unavailable.

● Splash Screen now shows version number.

X1800 PRIME Firmware Update 1.1 Release Notes


● New BPM FX: HALLECHO, BITCRUSH ! (You must perform System Reset On Mixer once, after loading firmware to see these)

● Added support for 3rd party software and DVS

● Added ability to Pan the Booth output

● Added ability to choose SPLIT CUE channel

● Added 1/32, 1/64 time divisions for all BPM FX

● Added 16, 32 time divisions for FILTER, FLANGER, and PHASER

● Added FREEZE mode to all new REVERB

● Added tail to REVERB when effect is turned off

● All time-based BPM FX can now achieve 1 ms

● Added NOISE SWEEP FX level control

● Added Master Output Limiter

● Added Filter extreme turn types: BLEED, FULL KILL

● Added independent MIC ATTENUATION controls for microphone 1 & 2

● FILTER button now flashes when any filter is active

● System version is now displayed during start-up sequence


● Improved Engine Connect player assignment logic

● Various network improvements

● Improved WASH OUT time divisions, capture time and feedback tail

● Improved DUB ECHO wet/dry levels, and feedback tail

● Replaced REVERB with improved new REVERB algorithm

● Simplified System Version number

● Improved click registers of the FX SELECT encoder

● Fixed infinite LED start sequence during rapid power up

● Fixed volume attenuation when using Send & Return FX

● Fixed issue where X1800 PRIME would sometimes assign duplicate player number to multiple SC5000 PRIME units

● Fixed issue where X1800 PRIME was not sending Channel Assignment changes to PC host

USB Audio Interface (XMOS) Version 1.00


● Fixed issue where X1800 was not recognized on Mac OS 10.10 systems during hot plug

● Fixed issue where audio input channel names missing for channels 9 and 10 on Mac OS.

REMEMBER - Owners of the X1800 Mixer - Please note that it is very important that you install the new X1800 Mixer firmware FIRST, before you install the new SC5000 media player firmware - and perform a System Reset from the mixers menu to see the new effects correctly.

Download both X1800 and SC5000 new firmware versions Here: Error


Me after finding out that it is possible for new FX to be added to the X1800 post-release:


But seriously, this is GREAT stuff. By having the X1800’s architecture allow for adding FX (and improving the algorithm of existing ones), it truly sets the bar. One can only imagine what types of goodies are in store for us X1800 users in the future. Big up!


Did you notice how the “HALL ECHO” displays on the mixer screen…

I wonder who that new FX request for the X1800 came from then…


Ha, I should’ve known Double L would have a hand in that. One of the many benefits of having a passionate ambassador who’s truly working in tandem (and hands-on) with the company (and flagship product) they rep rather than blindly shilling something they don’t care about. Bravo.

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I see what you did there :wink:

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I’ve got a big problem with the update:

The update has failed because the device can not be accessed. Unplug and replug in the device and click restart. I’ve tried this several times but always the same problem. I’ve done everything as in the manual.

Please help me!!! What can I do because with the installation the original flash is uninstalled at the mixer?

So I can’t use the mixer at this point.


This is what I get before the error

Don’t worry.

Check again that you’ve got a USB A to B lead plugged from your computer to USB port 1 (the left hand one) on the top of the mixer.

If your computer has several USB ports (not a USB HUB) try the process with a different USB port on the computer, before beginning the update process again.

Make sure that you’ve followed the instructions which came with the firmware update, including unzipping the files within the downloaded pack.

Thnx Gee

but I’ve already tried another usb port on my windows laptop. I’m using USB A on the mixer. I’ve done everything like the instructions said.

Now I’m trying to restart my laptop and do everything again as said

The USB Audio Update (XMOS) may require a few attempts before it is successful. Don’t worry even if it says failed during this step it is non-destructive so, just try again until successful.

So I’ve tried it for the 9th time.

On the mixer it says data receiving but on the laptop everytime the message that the device can not be accessed

To be fair, that bar was already set with X1600 in 2010 where another FX was added via firmware update.

Is it possible that you have skipped a step in the update instructions? The USB Updater portion should have been done first without booting the X1800 into control surface update mode. This requires only powering on the X1800 without any button combinations. Help is on the way just sit tight for a few minutes.


HI djedge,

Can you go into your Device manager and check in the “Sound, video and game controllers” section and tell me if your mixer is listed in there?

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fyi - My unit was at 0.4 … just took about 6 attempts and the updater kicked in - all good now

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Perhaps surprisingly, but I did not have any issues while updating. Connected even to a USB hub. And using more than two other soundcards in the system.

My X1800 unit was 0.06 also and it updated in one go (okay, the two steps to be exact). Windows10 btw, I see you use Windows7. I had to update the X1800 driver first to 1.0.3, but procedure told me to or would not go further.

I think edge may have wiped out the STM and DSP firmware before updating the USB Audio Device (XMOS). Which means that the XMOS cannot be updated until the STM and DSP have been restored.

Luckily, there is a solution. :slight_smile:

To fix this you will need to first update the CONTOL SURFACE (STM/DSP) Firmware.

  1. Connect the X1800 PRIME to your computer via USB 1.
  2. Power on the device while holding BACK + FX CUE + TAP.
  3. Choose OK to start the update.
  4. Next, follow the specific steps below for your OS.


  • On your computer go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Denon DJ\X1800 Firmware Updater\STM32
  • Double click the Denon DJ X1800 Firmware Updater2 application.
  • This will run the Control Surface (DSP/STM) updater application.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to start the update process.
  • Once complete perform a factory reset.
  • Next, run the full X1800 Firmware Updater application again to complete the USB Audio Interface (XMOS) update.
  • Note: Once this completes you can skip the second portion of the update as you’ve already done this above.


  • On your computer go to: Applications folder and find Denon DJ X1800 Firmware Updater.app
  • Right-click/control-click on the app and choose Show Package Contents
  • Go to Contents/Applications and launch FirmwareUpdater2.app
  • This will open the Control Surface (DSP/STM) update.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to start the update process.
  • Once complete perform a factory reset.
  • Next, run the full X1800 Firmware Updater application again to complete the USB Audio Interface (XMOS) update.
  • Note: Once this completes you can skip the second portion of the update as you’ve already done this above.

Hope this helps!


Having been on the forum since its relaunch it’s really cool to see how Denon actually listened to their customers (and not just told so) and implemented stuff that has been asked for in here. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

I’m curious if Traktor Scratch support and HID control for the SC5000 will now happen.


MANY THNX to everyone for the great help. The method of Jason works for me.

Now trying to update th sc5000 players :blush:

DENON you’re da BOMB :heart_eyes::muscle::+1: