New DJ Should I master the Prime and forget Serato?

Hi everybody im new to DJing but 25+years ago I used to have a DJ business we use to provide a mobile disco for weddings. But for some reason due to a fallout with my brother I left and never got back into it. However, as I am involved in providing various services for events and being shocked at the poor standard of DJs in my niche. I took the move of buying the equipment we went for HK Audio active speakers and and Chauvet moving heads. Initially my plan was to hire DJs who would use their own mixers and plug into our setup but the DJs I have worked with have dubious characters the bottom line they are not supporting my vision. So I decided to get a controller and see what all the fuss is about. I did loads of reasearch and Pioneer at every level is overpriced and Denon is just so much better value for money with a premium quality. In January i bought 2 x MC4000’s (as I always beleive in having backups) this was simply superb it helped me to understand dj’ng and get to grips with serato. But the MC4000 didnt have enough inputs and only came with Serato Lite. For a little bit more gor rid of both MC4000’s got the MCX8000 - again superb. But I was dispaointed with the standalone features compared to Serato so this bugged me. So got the MC7000 which you can connect 2 laptops and work side by side with another DJ which seemed perfect. Again can’t knock the Mixer. In the meantime I got hold of a Prime 4 for a steal - now this totally blew my mind and I was like a duck to water I found the Prime 4 so easy to use and the quality, the screen made it so so easy to use. I was selling the MCX8000 and managed to do a part exchange for a Prime 2. I find it so so easy jumping from the Prime 4 to the Prime 2. Which is also a perfect 2nd mixer/backup. So to recap I have the Prime 4, Prime 2 and the MC7000. Now the question I have for this community is this? Should I forget about Serato and exclusively put my energy on the Prime system. At present I have a DJ who uses serato (he has no mixer- long story but where he works equipment is provided) so he can either be on the Prime 4 or MC7000 running serato and I can be on the Prime 2. My dliema is as follows I love all the Denon equipment. Initially was happily plodding with Serato until i used the Prime 4. So in life I have learnt that in life dont do shortcuts so should I also have a serato controller and be profficient and master serato with the MC7000 (which I think works better than the Prime 4) because this is dedicated to serato exclusively. Or should i exclusively focus on Denon Prime? Your feedback would be much appreciated but this is bugging me and nobody really answers the question that I am seeking answers to. Money is not the issue but I dont like to have things lying around. What would you do if you was a new dj who could do anything? Keeping the Prime 4 and Prime 2 definently but what about the MC7000 and serato?? Thank You

Should you master prime and forget serato ?


The less things to go wrong The better. Serato needs laptop, laptop needs windows or OSX both of which seem to get bugs and screams of “don’t upgrade OS X yet nothing audio works on it”,

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So true. Simplicity is often the best solution. Thank you for the advice…

You can still use Serato for your library management and sync over for standalone use whilst Engine Prime continues to mature.

Right now I’d say it’s almost there but not quite.

A few more updates and Engine Prime will be Prime time for me.

Engine Prime can read your serato cues, loops and crates (except Serato smart crates)

Thank you for your reply… I did precisely that but once imported into engine I sometimes make new cue points loops etc and there is no way of bringing this back into serato so things get messy. My main point was as a new dj should I focus exclusively on mastering prime and engine and forget Serato. From my understanding serato has some good features but to master djing as a wedding events dj is serato important. Once again thank you for your comment…

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It depends on what you plan on doing in the future. If you plan on using video in your sets, or if you think you might move away from Denon in the future, or you just happen to like some serato features better than EP, stick with serato as your library management and just import your serato library into EP.

Otherwise use EP, I have the 2x SC5000 and X1800 setup, I don’t use video as I mainly DJ clubs and I prefer DJ’ing without a laptop and I can’t see myself moving away from it anytime soon so I’ve moved exclusively over to EP (especially since the 1.5.0 update fixed the BPM algorithm).

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