*New Denon DJ Logo Skins for my Prime 4

Hi, so i just finished up installing a set of Denon DJ platter skins on my Prime 4… These skins are aftermarket and not in any way affiliated with Denon DJ… They come in different colors… Imo, the all White lettering works best with all colors.

The fit is perfect… The touch sensors are not affected… I just wouldn’t be too aggressive with them… Definently not for scratch battles… I feel they add a nice extra touch of classiness and with light use they should hold up just fine… They also fit the Prime 2. :blush:

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Nice skin. I have them in white. how good work your skins on the jogs. I have to remove them, because of very bad touch recognition. If you ever feel the jogs are not working correctly, think first at your skin. If all works for you … then it´s ok.

Thank you… Yes, the all White blends in the best… So far zero issues… Before the skins were installed i had a one time error where my platter drivers didn’t load but that hasn’t happened again… Fingers crossed. :blush:

perfect. yea, imagine … the player is also only a computer, and can stuck. but I also had only a few problems, since I have it. It never let me stay in dark so far :wink: Rock solid system software. and it will get better with every update.