NEW Denon DJ Forum- A Fresh Start

There has been a back lash to how Denon DJ has handled the ‘Engine’ software product development on the MCx8000. When the issue was brought up on a Denon DJ Facebook group page, moderators either “locked the thread to stop people posting, or chucked them off the group.”

This information comes directly from posted comments off of’s “PRIMED?” article. One posted comment equated the experience to “TRUMP-level press reports and tweets”.

Denon DJ’s brand Manager",Paul Dakeyne, posted an official statement reassuring “our loyal and invested Denon DJ MCx8000 users that we are absolutely continuing to support this product”.

Why am I bring this up? There are two reasons…

  1. Denon DJ should be held accountable for continued product support of ‘Engine’ and the MCx8000. Mr. Dakeyne said Denon DJ would continue supporting ‘Engine’ & the MCx8000 so let’s see if it actually happens.

  2. The ATTACK on FREEDOM OF SPEECH is unnerving!! Denon DJ, and it’s representatives/affiliates should NOT condone, promote, facilitate and/or encourage the removal of comments that portray the company negatively. Constructive criticism that is critical of a product helps to IMPROVE the product. There is also nothing wrong with asking a question to determine if a company is going to continue supporting a product.

My point is that those types of actions have no place here on the new Denon DJ forum. We can all help make Denon DJ products great by voicing our issues & suggestions WITHOUT having them deleted!!!


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