New deal, Buy 1 SC6000(M), get a LC6000 for free

Just received this in the newsletter. The only question I have for Denon DJ is this US only or global?

EDIT: One of the Dutch retailers confirmed they are participating in this deal.


Just received the email too. UK as well it seems.

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Looks like this is for the rest of the world, not U.S.

Same deal in Ireland however i hate the fact that they increased the price of the SC6000 by €200 prior to the promotion.

Samsung do exactly the same thing. For example a 55 inch TV that has been £1800 for months suddenly becomes £2100 with a free handset or tablet. I’d question the term “free” as technically its not true at all.

Hello VesNL, I bought it from Musicstore in Cologne (Germany) and they still had a few sets there. Shipping to the Netherlands is also no problem

Price for SC6000 Set is 1799€ and for the SC6000M is 1999€

Bop DJ in Leeds (UK) have also been doing it for a few weeks now…

Not so intersting, price of the SC600 series increase of 200€ with this deal. :neutral_face:

I really prefer the last US deal with the Rane 72mk2 and the 2 LC6000 for free.


I picked up mine in Melbourne Australia last week. such an awesome deal

Buy better at a company which offers good cust service like Thomann or recordcase. Look at reviews on idealo and google to know what that means.

Music Store s*cks so much with customer service?