New convert here!

Just dropping in to say hi being a new Denon convert here…

Been a DJ over 25 years now. I wanted to switch on the SC5000 but didn’t quite get along with them when trying them, tried the SC6000 recently and instantly converted so now I have 2x SC6000s and X1850 and couldn’t be happier!

Being a very regular weekend working DJ on Pio gear at clubs i’ve been looking for some answers to a few questions I have… Is there a way to “link” Engine DJ to my SC6000s similar to Pio DJ Link Export on Rekordbox? It’s not a dealbreaker but just so I know…

Also I’ve been using Djay Pro with DVS on my 1210s… What’s the procedure for using the SC6000s with Djay? I know it’s limited but i’m ok with that… Is it USB connection and then? I’m still learning Engine/Denon workflow here.

Basically i’m trying to find a workflow between having a home Denon setup and still maintaining my Rekordbox collection for the weekend gigs or perhaps shift to Serato HID/Virtual DJ HID.


Engine OS is already inside your SC6000s. Perhaps you mean Engine DJ? If so, no.

Engine DJ is just library prep software, not for DJ performance. The whole idea of the Prime series is that they’re standalone products for people who want to move away from DJing tied to a computer.


Yes I meant Engine DJ, Edited that now.

Thanks for the answer and that’s what I kind of guessed, just didn’t want to search for something that didn’t exist. I like the stand alone behaviour, just sometimes when i’m at home I enjoy having the laptop/bigger screen and searching via a physical keyboard etc.

But so far, fantastic equipment and wish I converted a few years back!




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if I’m not mistaken, I’ve read, that you can connect any USB keyboard for more comfortable searches… try it in any free port

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