New Computer - Windows ten disk is NTFS


Ive just got a new computer and I’ve installed prime.

When I open the software it tells me c: is incompatible with prime.

Can anyone give me any tips please? Do I need to reformat the drive and reinstall windows in order to have prime work?

Thank you, its a 1tb SSD NTFS

of course it is and always will be because it’s not a removable drive. not a problem.

i wonder though why it shows up in the removable media list at all.

Yeh man, thats what I’m wondering.

I wonder if its not listed as master in the bios?

There was a report of another member as well. You need to tell the computer that that drive is non-removable; in the bios for instance.

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Thank you all, sorted - disabled sata hotswap!

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