New big size controller for senior DJs

when are u going to come out with new controller for senior professional DJs? i am talking about similar controller like Pioneer DDJ RZX

which comes with 2 usb (where you can connect 2 laptops). big jog. big size controller (eg putting two sc5000 and x1800 together as one unit controller).

those are sort of controllers that we senior DJs are looking for.

Define "“senior” please.

At 54 I don’t think I qualify as junior anymore, but the MCX8000 is a good size. And if you want bigger, two SC5000s with an X1800 would get my vote over any all-in-one of that size frankly.

If you are really senior, you want to carry around three separate pieces of equipment, rather than one really big and heavy one, right?


I think He said “Confirmed DJ” with a serious background

Not sure I get it … no doubt a brain freeze moment on my part.

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Don’t worry @DJ_Vintage - I still think you’re a “confirmed DJ” with a “serious background”.

In fact, based on our ages, I think we have a whole lot of serious background behind us! Kids today I tell ya… :wink:

Thanks for the love, Todd. And yes, kids these days hehehehe

Wouldn’t a senior DJ want a smaller unit - you know… lighter and easier to carry with a bad back etc ?

Or would it need to be a bigger unit so that the front panel control labels (“bass”, “treble”, “mic” etc) could all be printed in a larger font ?

Enough already with the senior DJ cheap shots LOL