Needing help on updating my prime 4

Hi ive just purchased my prime 4 and wanting to update the firm ware before i use it can someone point me in the direction of how to update prime 4. i cant seem to find it. Also on a side note the forum in my eyes seems to be a bit of a stramash i find it hard navigating about it looking for updates and answers

thank you in advance Rob

Hi @robriot

Updating via Drive:

Prime Hardware with version 1.2.0 or newer can now be upgraded by adding the firmware directly to a USB stick. This is an easy and convenient way to make upgrade players without the direct use of a computer. To update via drive:

  • Download the standalone firmware from the respective Denon DJ product page on
  • Unzip this and then copy the file to a compatible USB drive or SD card.
  • Insert the drive into the player and, open utilities and then press restart.
  • The player will then prompt that it has found a new firmware version. Confirm to restart.
  • After update is finished, the player will restart again into normal mode.

Above is from this link: Denon DJ

All info for your product can be found here:

I will let Denon staff comment on the site but FWIW, you will get used to it as you use it more :slight_smile:

Hi @robriot, please see the following 2 options to update:

OPTION 1 - Prime 4 “Firmware update (USB Updater)”

This is a file that needs to be transferred to a USB to update the PRIME 4 locally.

  • • Go to and navigate to STAND ALONE DJ SYSTEMS > PRIME 4
  • • Download the FIRMWARE UPDATE (USB UPDATER) file
  • • Unzip PRIME 4 update file (note: this zip file should have a ‘.img’ in the filename)
  • • Copy the xxxx.img file to the root folder of an exFat or Fat32 USB drive
  • • Eject the drive safely and insert into your PRIME 4
  • • Power on PRIME 4
  • • Hold VIEW button for 2 seconds to open the menu
  • • Tap UTILITY icon
  • • Swipe up to scroll down to bottom of page to the UPDATE FIRMWARE section
  • • Tap the word REBOOT
  • • Confirm that this is the correct version you want to update to by pressing yes.
  • • The PRIME 4 display should now show update screen the following text: Updating… Player will reboot after update. Do not power off.
  • • After the update is finished the unit will reboot with the new firmware

OPTION 2 - Prime 4 “Firmware update”

This is an app downloaded to your computer that will update PRIME 4 via the blue USB cable provided.

  • • Go to and navigate to STAND ALONE DJ SYSTEMS > PRIME 4
  • • Download the FIRMWARE UPDATE file for either MAC or WINDOWS
  • • Download and unzip PRIME 4 update file
  • • Connect PRIME 4 to your computer via the blue USB cable provided and switch on
  • • Unzip the Updater file and run the application
  • • Follow the onscreen prompts to update

Tip: Make sure that any drives with a USB firmware update file are first removed when rebooting into FW update mode. If an update file is detected on a drive, the firmware updater will update from the file instead of from the computer.

Thanks J

thanks for your help folk

I managed to get it updated my new problem is when I turn on prime engine it says my drive isnt compatible and that it has to be either ex fat or fat 32. Is this talking about my computer hard drive or the hard drive that is in my prime 4 because thats been formatted to ex fat. I am also struggling to migrate my serato crates etc over to the prime 4. Any help would be appreciated


Hi Rob,

In order to see which HDD it is referring to, why don’t you unplug from the computer and see? I would imagine it is referring to the internal but that’s just me guessing.

Take a look in here to content that may help with this and Serato crates:

and some more here:

Hi @robriot you can now download the firmware install instructions from

Thanks J

hi all,

i’ve been trying to update my prime 4 firmware,

I downloaded the file, put on a usb stick, put prme 4 in reboot mode and it seems to be stuck, been like that for an hour now

what should i do next?

What file type did to put on the usb drive and how did you reboot?

To elaborate up front: Option1 - IMG file on usb drive and reboot via Utility (at the bottom)

Option2 - Run EXE file on computer and reboot into computer mode via Source.

hi reese, i downlaoded the file from the site, but it was an .exe file and not an img file

You cannot update with an exe file on a usb drive. So use option 2.

Or search the forum where I explain how to extract the img from the exe.

Edit: img method.

If you rename the exe to zip, you can simply extract the UPDATE.IMG file.

Rename that img file to something like Prime4-1.3.2-update.img << don’t think that it needs that exact name. The file header contains the right unit type.

Put the file on a USB stick/drive, connect the drive, wait a bit and reboot via Utility into firmware update mode. Before rebooting it should state that there is an update. Or hold eject while powering on to force update mode.

Can I turn off prime or just unplug the usb stick I have in now?

Eject is not working

so i tried that but it cannot be done, after changing the filename to zip and extracting i get error, see pic


ok i updated windows and it worked, thanks reese, onto importing the library into prime, you will probably hear from me again :slight_smile:

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