Need version 2.1

My loop trim buttons no longer work as of 2.2.

Can anyone explain how I can get my 5000’s from 2.2, back to 2.1? I can only seem to find previous Engine DJ version, not any for the 5000.

Thanks for any advice!

Do you mean the parameter buttons?

It still works but only when it’s in LOOP performance page

The old versions are still there. Scroll down and hit the Engine OS tab


^Those buttons. And I’m not exactly following, I think we might be talking about two different things here? Those parameters buttons do absolutely nothing right now.

EDIT: So I rolled backed to 2.1 and it’s even worse!!! Any time I hit play, the music plays but none of the track is moving. This software is so incredibly unreliable, no idea how this type of stuff doesn’t get tested.

Yes those are the parameters buttons

They still work to adjust the loop but only when you are in the LOOP performance mode

Stuff get tested…you should apply to be a Beta tester as well

HAH. I still have problems that they keep telling me don’t exist. They have been incapable of assisting with technical issues that I have replicated dozens of times, so I wouldn’t bother wasting my time with beta testing.

Regardless, where exactly is the LOOP performance mode? I must have missed it because I didn’t see it in the settings on the 5000’s.

between HOTCUE and ROLL buttons

I think you should reconsider. You will be an invaluable asset especially as you are a working dj.

Please disregard my earlier post.

You are correct.

The Parameter buttons don’t work to adjust loop size on 5000M here as well. I use the LOOP knob to half or double the loop size typically. I never knew it was even possible to use the parameter button until someone else reported same observation as you did.

I think it got axed because of ACTIVE LOOP

And you then question

Because no body wants to waste their time probably

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Having had previous experience of a Denon beta test I wouldn’t bother either. Calling it farcical would be a compliment.

Wow so the parameter buttons just don’t do what they used to. Active loops are literally the dumbest niche thing I’ve ever seen in the dj world. Insane how Denon prioritizes this garbage over a bunch of proven issues and glitches that still exist.

I don’t get it either but hey people requested it.

But I can see it being used for word play or routines