Need Memory Cue Points Help

Hello, everyone I exported my Rekordbox collection over to Enginedj. My cue point show on my Prime 2, but the track will start at the beginning of the song instead of the first cue point. How do I fix it?

Change settingin orime unit to play from first cue point . Its in the manual

@DjSulliSol in engine dj, at the moment it cannot be played when loading directly from the first hotcue, you have to do it manually, that is, when loading the song you press the first hotcue and then the Cue button, to move it there. it is a function that is used a lot in rekordbox, but Denon users still cannot do it In the options you can select to start the song from the beginning of the track (which is not usually the point where we want to start playing from) or from the last Cue point memorized in the last playback, either on the prime 4 or on the PC desktop…so for now you have to do it by hand as I say

Thank you, that’s what I have been doing (manually pressing the screen to the first cue point). Rekordbox does it automatically when the track is loaded. I’m just happy Engine saved my cue points, it not a problem for me to quickly move to my first cue point (especially with the use of the beat jump buttons). Thanks again, Ren3martin!!

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