Need help "importing"/syncing collection from USB

Hi everyone,

I’m unsure if it’s possible to get my USB’s music to “sync” with Engine DJ and the music I have on my computer’s HDD. To make more sense, when I was using the older version of Engine DJ (Engine Prime), I would always drag my music straight from my folder into the USB folder so that when my USB was removed, Engine Prime would be completely blank and all the data would be on the USB.

Well my USB is starting to act kind of weird and I need to repair it every now and then when I plug it into my PC, which is why I want to move my entire library to Engine DJ so that I can move that to another USB if need be. I have the entire library on my HDD, but just not imported to Engine DJ, so I don’t think I’d save all my cue points if I just dragged the music from my HDD to Engine DJ, not to mention that would be extremely tedious to reorganize thousands of songs :frowning:

The “Sync to Engine DJ” function doesn’t do that (I think it just backs up the drive? Not really sure to be honest). When I have my USB connected, it SEEMS like I have the same number of playlists and size of music available to “Export to Drive” from the Sync Manger, but when I press “Export to Drive”, it warns me that “There are tracks that may be removed or overwritten from your drive on Export. Do you wish to continue?” I feel like this might be the right way to do it, but Engine DJ says I have 24.2GB selected to export while my drive itself has 25.4GB on it.

Sorry for the long post, wanted to be as detailed as possible about the situation but is that the right way to do it? Is the 1.2GB the information for my cues and whatnot, and not music? I wanted to try the “Export to Drive” function because ‘overwriting’ sounds like it’s the correct way, but I don’t want to lose all my tracks in case they’re all ‘removed’.

Thanks so much everybody, very much appreciated.

bump! Has nobody run into the same problem as me? :frowning:

Have you considered cloning your current usb to a new one and carry on using the new usb?

Sync to engine dj - is a feature that alllws changes made during performance to be saved to the pc. It’s for folks that use engine the prescribed way. In your case it will not work because you did not use engine to transfer music to your performance usb drive

Yeah that’s my plan A right now, but I was just wondering if somebody else ran into the same problem and had an easy solution. I thought maybe since all my music is on the same folder on my HDD, and the file names are the same on my USB, maybe there’s some function I don’t know about that could “sync” the two.

Thanks for the reply