Need help ASAP no sound coming from my controller

Im not getting and sound out of my MCX8000 im not even getting a reading from my master volume everything is current . it messed me up from doing a gig last night and i have another today HELP !!!

Hi Bodie

If you feed an audio device, such as a CD player, or DVD player audio outputs into the inputs on the mcx8000, do you then get audio output? If so, it’s probably either the laptop settings, the Dj software settings, or the USB cable.

Do the on-screen controls on your dj software move on screen when you move the controls on the mcx8000?

If you play a track from your DJ software, do the input/cue led meters bounce around, displaying the music? Can you hear the track on headphones?

everrthing comes threw fine i get a reading on the channel itself but not from the master volume

oh and i cannot hear hear the track in my head phones

Windows or MacOS ?

Serato or Virtual DJ or standalone?

windows serato and standalone neither one has audio

when you say there’s no output from standalone, so you mean standalone as in, a USB stick with tunes on it makes no sound, or do you mean standalone as in an audio device plugged into the mixer inputs on the mcx8000, like a cd deck or a record deck etc?

I get no sound out of it period…i see it playing on the channel… but nothing is comes out the master volume or headphones

Going for the overly cautious question here… the MCX8000 has two pairs of XLR (cannon) connectors; Master Out, and Booth Out - they both look the same. Could you have your Powered Speakers/Amps etc plugged into the Booth Output, but are adjusting the master volume?

I had it in the master. But I’m still not getting a reading from the channel to the master.

Ok, thanks for confirming.

Assuming that the crossfader assign switches aren’t in a “surprising” position (try the crossfader in the middle) and that fader curve controls are all nominal, then I suspect that your unit may need attention from an official Denon DJ Service Centre

Yes did that first thing this morning… still doing the same thing. I’m thinking it’s something with my serato.

this may sound stupid but are EQs nobs set to kill or low/high pass filters set to an extreme?

It was the processor…not sure how since I been using the same laptop from day one… so I got a MacBook pro, and it’s still not working…lol

I also just purchased a Denon MCX8000 this week and after updating the firmware to get it to work with Serato Pro I haven’t been able to get any audio from either the Master Outs or the Booth Outs to my speakers. There is also no signal showing up from the channel to the master. I see a signal from the channels and I can get audio to my headphones through the cue but nothing to the master. HELP!!!

Did you try standalone

Did either of you get a solution to the issue. I am having the same issue.