Navigate to a CUE witouht playing it


I always try to navigate to a setted CUE, preventing the track start to play, I just only want to stop on the cue (for example, to set a better cue ). If I got two or tree cues, when the track is loaded , the navigation is stopped on one of them ( I suppose on the oldest cue), but there is any way to go to another cue, without it start to play ?

Of course it is possible to press the cue, then the pause, and navigate with the jog, but I am asking if there is an easier way to get stop on a Cue.


This is a pain but can be fixed.

If you go into the settings and into user profile, you’ll see an option that affects the cue behaviour. You can change this setting there and the cues will not play when setting. If you use them to perform with the you’ll have to hold the cue button and then press play to play a cue point.

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I have made a request… you can vote for it if you want, an option, so that the Cue can always start from the first saved Hot Cue, as rekordbox has, so when you select that function whenever you load a song, the positioning of the cue , it would be at the first Hotcue, and pressing the button would start from there and not from where it left off last time. Cheers;)

Thanks, I know that. But I dont want to change the cue beahaviour, becasue I use the cue to start to play. I would like to get an easier wat to navigate to the cue point, and stop on it. For example, pressing Cue + Shift, could be a way, to get the player stopped on the Cue point. If press Cue only, of course, it will start to play at the cue point.

if during the playback of a track, you press shift + Cue, the Cue point moves to that point, (it’s like when you press loop in in Pioneer, moving the initial cue) and if you then press shift + play it behaves as if you had a new hotcue at that point