Native Instruments Traktor DJ Pro and Scratch

For my old system (the Denon DN-D4500) I use Traktor DJ Pro (on WindowsXP 32 bit). Is there a way to directly use this tool and also including the screens (I don’t want to look on the laptop any more)?

I know there are some rumblings at Mixvibes to get the MCX8000 mapped (some forum members trying to get a non-screen version working). Virtual DJ is now supporting the unit including screens. I have no access to a licensed version, so can’t tell how well the mapping and screen use is. Traktor has shown little to no interest in third-party hardware support in the last few years, with the possible exception of the pro club gear by Pioneer. As far as I know most mappings for Traktor come from the community and not the company itself. My opinion is that it’s highly doubtful that there is the kind of strong interfacing between Denon DJ and Traktor to get a mapping with screen support out there. Then again, I could be wrong :D.

So, you’ll either have to do with Engine and USB-sticks or switch to Serato (or possibly - again not personally tested - VDJ).