Nanoleaf Light Issues

I bought the Prime 4+ as well as Nanoleaf shapes (triangles) earlier this summer. I am having issues with being able to consistently control the lights while playing music.

Sometimes they will respond with my Prime 4+… but typically what happens is they will connect but not actually sync to the music (I can tap to override and show a color on steady - but that’s it). Another thing it does (when it does actually sync to music) is all of a sudden it will only show one triangle steady on yellow and the rest are blank.

The lights work fine from my iPhone app FYI, and all firmware or software is up to date on both sets of gear and lights are on 2.4ghz wifi. Any thoughts?

Following up on this ^ since I got it figured out.

Once I steered everything to 2.4ghz on my wifi it works great. i.e., the lights, prime 4+, and my iphone all to 2.4ghz. Hope this helps anyone in the future with the same problem.

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Great tip. I can see a few people referring back to this when theirs doesn’t work too.

I get issues sometimes as the router I have shares the SSID with 2.4 and 5Ghz which can throw a wobble with many devices. Separating the SSID or temporarily deactivating the 5Ghz when adding devices works but it’s a faff.

Glad it’s sorted!

Unfortunately it’s having the same issue again. Tried everything, even submitted a ticket to engine DJ but no response :confused:

I don’t think it’s an issue with the lights because they work great on everything but the prime 4+.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.