Nanoleaf Faq?


Are there instructions somewhere on the Denon, Soundswitch or Nanoleaf homepages for controlling the Nanoleaf with the Prime4? What can you control, how do you connect, what is all possible? Found nothing!

With the Android app I can control the Nanoleaf well but with the Prime4 I can not connect unless I connect directly to the Nanaoleaf Wifi and then flash a few yellow triangles and now and then come briefly other colors, only to display shortly after then again only yellow flashing triangles.

Somehow nothing works. Can it be that it is totally broken? Last year in the winter it worked well but since then Nanoleaf and Prime4 has been updated several times its crap.

greez Stefan

The official support is linked below. Hopefully you can get a few answers from it as it’s quite easy to set up.

If you have problems then do a factory reset on your Prime hardware. This helped me when my Hue stuff wasn’t playing ball.


Ok its connected but with the Autoloop it show mostly allways the same yellow ■■■■. Its possible to make in Soundswitch a extra Line for the Nanoleaf, so i can programm it?