My X1800 will not starting

I do updating the mixer, but it is yet not working pls help

Can you say more about what happens? You turn it on and no lights? Was it working before you updated it?

Hello @DieCloudAPI, sorry to hear about your issues with your X1800 mixer. Before referring you to Technical Support, can you please provide more information about you problems:

-Which firmware are you trying to update to?

-What do you mean, not working? (Ex: mixer lights not coming on, no sound output from mixer, etc.)

Hello, tue Mixer is starting and the lights ging in but the Mixer is not Working because it is in a loop. I have upgrading the Version 1.2

Thank you for that info. At this point, I recommend connecting with our Support Team for assistance @DieCloudAPI. Please take the time to fill out a Denon DJ Support Form so that they can assist you further.