My prime go pitch control all over the place

my pitch control jjumps all over and the effext knob adjusts the pitch as well i tried reseting factory setttings but didnt help

Exactly one year later, and I have the same issue. I don’t think it’s a bug. I think they somehow forgot that pitch faders have ONE job. They’re messed up. Super erratic. I don’t trust them enough to vary pitch on a live set, which is a major limitation, really. :frowning:

Have a search on the forum for “soft takeover” - your pitch controls are most likely working exactly as intended.

No issues with my prime go at all And have it for 18 months, pitch is perfect. If your using sync then read the manual around soft takeover.

my pitch faders are bust well on deck two is. never tells the correct pitch and once set, it fluctuates on its own. and the deck is only 2 week old . not happy