My platter displays are swapped

My deck 1/3 displays on platter 2/4 and vise versa. Has this happened to any of you?

Hello, are You running normal mode, or pc mode with some software?

Normal mode. I got it back from denon repair a bit ago because deck 1/3 wouldn’t respond when I touched the platter and the platter light stayed white. Well that issue is fixed and now my platter displays are swapped!

Did You installed the newest software on it?

Yep, first thing I checked after ofc turning it off and turning it back on again. I assume whomever repaired it plugged the displays into the opposite ports or something. It’s gotta be something simple like that. Still I refuse to open this bad boy up. Ill deal with Denon Dyslexia mode until denon offers a solution

I think you are correct, the ribbon cables for the jog dispays have been reversed on the main PCB

So much for checking your work and i hope he/she does not repair medical equipment :thinking:

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