My new Serato crates won't transfer for some reason

I imported all my Serato crates over but when when I tried to add some new crates it wouldn’t add one of them for some reason. I even copied everything to a new crate and renamed it and it still wasn’t appearing in Engine Prime. Any reason this would happen? Does engine prime have any restrictions with certain Serato crates?

As long as it’s not a smart crate, and the crate isn’t empty then it should import to Engine Prime.

I assume you are hitting the ‘update library’ button when you open Engine Prime and go to the Serato tab? Serato also needs to shut down before this for any changes to be imported to Engine Prime.

Try these steps: Close Engine Prime and go to your local hard drive’s Music folder, in there you should see an Engine library folder. Move this to the desktop. Now open Engine Prime and re-import your Serato library. Is the crate there now?

If you want to revert these steps simply move your Engine library folder from the desktop back to the Music folder and replace the one that was just created.

does not work