My left deck has a chrome Denon DJ logo, but the right one is printed in white

My left deck has a chrome Denon DJ logo, but the right one is printed in white. The left deck also came with firmware 1.2.0, but the right one was a lot lower. Anyone else notice any subtle differences in their setup?


The Chrome logo is the newer model than the white logo. Where did you buy them from? The updated firmware is available to download on the website for the SC5000 :slight_smile:

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MIne also ! One is Chrome printed and one in White and flat printed, And Actually I am not happy with that. I would like to have a pair of SC5000 with the same look. Is there any way,to do something with that ?

Yikes! seeing stuff like this and buttons being wrong etc. is very concerning to me personally. I just moved from the NXS setup to the Prime series and don’t feel very comforted when I see things like this :expressionless:

I will check mine tonight and post back if I have the same issue.

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I think it’s cosmetic. I just noticed one of my three non-Ms has white letters on that spot. Really dumb idea to do such a thing out of probably their marketing dept, though. The Ms have white lettering, by the way. If they used a focus group, did they tell the focus group the white was already in the wild? Cosmetic consistency is more important than whether it’s chrome or white.

There’s a part of me that is super comforted by this forum discussion of a minor material difference in the construction/affixation of the 1.5" Denon logo on the sc5000. I suppose I get why people might point it out (as one might note a minor differences between labels of the same vinyl record run), but basing enormous deductions and concerns on a purely (and minor) cosmetic difference is probably not the best path to go down. I just put my NXS2 CDJs up for sale today and I feel fantastic about it.

Though this thread did remind me that late last night I was experimenting with Serato and the sc5000, and - perhaps because of the rather elegant pairing (all things considered re: HID control) - I had a wave of annoyance that the sc5000 only played 2 tracks instead of 4 tracks in standalone mode. But that makes me feel kind of good to, because,…let’s say that like many of you I did some time on a certain other forum and it feels like straight up luxury to have these sorts of thoughts via Denon material. Maybe I’m rambling, but you vaguely get my point I hope.


I dont disagree with you Matt and perhaps my concerns are a product of overthinking and speculation but when I spend a few thousand dollars on professional gear, I would expect the product to be uniformed. I don’t like to wonder why my deck has this and yours does not, what else could be different in the player I may not know about etc.

Having said that, I am with you! I just sold my entire Nexus kit (2CDJs & DJM) and can’t stress this enough (keep in mind it’s my personal opinion readers), Denon has put out a product that is superior in many ways and it’s slightly cheaper than the competition. I know things may not be flawless at the moment but that only happens with user experience & feedback and for that reason, I am happy about my move and purchase and will back this product/company and help them succeed which intern will give me a better product.

FWIW, I like the chrome looking logos and was disappointed to see my SC5000s didn’t have them (but my X1800 does).



If the white version is the older one according to @Chloe_DENONDJ, than your reseller sold a unit that’s at least older than mid 2017. Because mine are both chrome.


What is the difference in the new model other than the logo? Thanks in advance

My white logo one is a replacement unit… the one that had a stuck jog out of the box and still isn’t as loose as the others. Otherwise seems identical, though.

I wonder if the chrome logo is available as an applique or sticker that Denon can send to customers. Both of mine have the chrome logos.


No difference atall :slight_smile: The factory may have just ran out of white stickers!

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OK great; thank you!

I figured white was newer stock, Chrome was original stock. I got a replacement one with Chrome which I hated at first but now it helps me know which is on the left and right. lol So I’m ok with it now!

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It’s not stickers on the white one, rather part of just the plastic coloring. Not sure what the chome stuff is.