My 1st Prime Go! Any idea how to eject a track without adding another one?

I can’t figure out how to eject a track without adding another one. Its a little annoying watching the cue or Play/pause buttons constantly flash if your playing a playlist on the other side.


Unfortunately there’s not a way of unloading tracks yet. I too want this feature and sure there is a request for it in the Feature Request section.

Give it a like and let’s hope we get the numbers up!


Thx for response! I can stop trying now! Hope they add it! Seems so logical to have

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You never walk alone :wink:

Brgds Beatmaster


Sorry why “solved”?

As far as I know, it ain’t solved yet

I’m really surprised :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thank you! I responded to the other link also.

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I’ve marked your post as solved for this topic to omit duplicate topics about the same. You wisely redirected to the feature request topic.

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