Mute after a while on Windows 11

Does anyone uses Mixstream pro+ with windows 11? I have noticed that my Mixstream pro+ and one more controller (the one that the greek dealer in Greece has), MUTES all the sounds, after some time of playback. I have licence for Virtual DJ. The same issue happens with serato even and with winamp! Please check the video and suggest me [](

I think it’s a Windows 11 issue. For it happend with multiple programs.

I will try everything on another laptop with Windows 11.

I’ve been using Windows 11 regularly with VirtualDJ and other DJ equipment, playing for many hours, running Resolume alongside VDJ at the same time, and it all works fine.

у меня стационарный пк. тоже часто порт вышибает. с чем связанно еще не разобрался. у друга на ноутбуке все хорошо. пк у меня на i5 13600 и 3060 nvidia не должна выключать