Music software

could any1 help pls what the best music software so i can TRY and make my own music thanks every1

You’re unlikely to get a definitive answer. Everyone uses different software based on their own preferences.

Are you using Mac or PC? What type of music (genre) will you be making? Are you a musician?

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using pc,music house,trance,hiphop im not a musician any ideas thx

If your new to it and dont want to spend hundreds of pounds try fruity loops they do a “lifetime free demo” … and loadsssss of stuff on youtube for it… then when you got you first no1 grab ableton

I think if you ask this question in a producer froum, you get better answer. This is a mostly DJ forum and not a producer forum.

If you’re generally within electronic music, I’d say Ableton Live.

I remember ejay. All drag and drop and great for new beginners in music production. Think you can still get it cheap.

You can get some good results for a first timer.

I used fruity loops and have it on mobile but don’t bother these days. Be nice to find the time to get back into it all.

Dunno what your budget is, but maybe get a Maschine Mikro, which includes a full package of software, sounds etc.

Akai has MPC Beats software, which is free.