Music Origination starting from scratch

I am getting back into DJ and giving Denon a try. My music is on an external hard drive and not really organized so here is my chance to start from scratch. I have not even set up Itunes on new computer so truly have a fresh slate.

Previously I would use Itunes to orginize my music but looking for advice from those of you who use Denon. If you were starting over, how would you set up your music library.

Also if I drag my entire music folder into Engine, will it analize the tracks and leave them in the same music folder?

Have a look at this

It’s easier to migrate a library if all the tracks are in one folder.

If I had to start over, I would still use iTunes, as it gives me the best options to convert to any other dj software, if I one day should choose to go in another direction.

All dj software can import from iTunes to my knowledge. :slightly_smiling_face:


With you on that, lost too many playlist/crates on other software when something goes wring. iTunes, for all its faults, is rock solid in cross-compatibility.