music from mac to denon prime 4

I downloaded engine prime to my mac. I have music on the pc. I do not know how to make the link with denon prime 4 so that the music played on the mac, goes through denon prime 4 while the USB 4 cable is connected?

You need to copy the files onto a ExFat formatted drive on the prime4

Wow. What do you mean by this? Please… Say things simpely. I am French and not use to hear technical things in English!

When you connect a computer to a Prime, you can move files from the computer to the prime but you have to disconnect t the computer before you can play the files on the prime.

So, the prime 4 has space for a SSD drive inside, so you could move 100,000 files to the SSD then disconnect the computer and play all those files on the prime 4

Or you could move thousands of files to a usb stick and plug that into the prime 4 and play music from that.

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So from where I take the music from my computer to the prime 4? Wich logiciel? Do I take the music from iTunes for exemple? Can you make a pic to be more precise? You also said that there is some place 100000 fichier on prime 4. Where? Sorry but your answer are not that precise! Sincerely sorry.

Maybe this will help: