Music Folders / Sub folders (Music organising)

Hi All,

I have recently upgraded from the DN-HD2500 which used Denon Music Manager. This allowed me to use folders with sub folders etc which kept my music tidy on the hard drive. All the music was in folders for e.g

Dance Music / Dance 2022 / January (adding more folders each month within the Dance 2022 Folder)

Dance Music would be main folder with Dance 2022 within and January another folder within that. I would add the folders to the hard drive first then I would have used the Music Manager Software to add the folders / sub folders to the database. Can I use engine in the same way or do I have to create playlists and forget about organising my music within folders?

Thanks in advance

No its basicly the same one main playlist for each say genre, and as many “sub playlists” as you want. In engine just organise as you want it. Ie one main playlist for say dance then each month add a sub playlist to it. Have a play and you will soon get to grips with it.

In the main playlist you will see entire sub playlist. In sub playlist you will only see that playlist. So the dance playlist will show all songs in all sub lists (say jan thru dec). In say junes playlist only june will show

In old terms its a crate (main playlist) and sub crates (sub playlist)

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I will give it a go many thanks.

My old unit use to freeze so i had to keep all the music at 128kbps to keep it operating as normal probably just because it was old technology.

In know it isnt the best quility but to start me off I will probability have to use the music and upgrade the quility over time as i will have to rip alot of music.

Does the software allow to me delete the contents of a subfolder eg delete the 128kps music and then re add the same music in the same subfolder in better quality say 254 kbps.

Any suggestions and advicd to make this easier much appreciated.

You can delete the 128 stuff yes BUT you will have to re add the higher rate stuff in the same way you did for the 128.

As a different option. Keep all you 128 stuff on an external drive to keep you going. Then grab another hard drive and start building a high quality library to use as an internal when done. You can keep it also as an external to make it easy to add files from a desktop. Just use a couple of 2.5" external drive caddies they are only a few quid on ebay, and you can take your library anywhere. You also dont mix your files up you keep all your different bitrates seperate

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I have the cable for a 1tb hard ive i have bought to add in to the primes. So what your saying is i would be better keeping this out until I have updated thr music?

So you think I would be better buying a second external SSD to put my old music on in the intrim and just chip away at updating the final internal drive?

Another problem i know im going to have is i dont have an orginal source of alot of my old music so i will have to keep some of the 128kbps tracks. Will having the different kbps cause issues? Do you have any advice how i can make them all the same?

Going though and trying to download each song individually in better quality would take a long time aswell as cost a fortune. When downloading of course there quality can be also be slightly different.

I am not a club dj more a party dj moving my own gear about.



No only maybe a loss in quality. But as a party dj you shouldnt really notice it

You can only really downgrade an mp3 iE 320- 128. Going the other way… well you can but it will have varying results. When you downgrade you “lose” certain parts you cant get these back unless you get a higher quality track. Your best bet would be keep your library as is. Then build a new library with “essential and must play” stuff. Keep your old libray for those weird requests that come in to test you . . By joining a cd pool for a few quid a month you can quickly rebuild your library. Also try playing a set at home with your library at 128bit. See if your happy with the sound. If so run with it… if not then keep it seperate and build new from scratch.


I have a subscription for tidal now is that a cd pool or is a cd pool a site you can download songs from? I am worried about using an online source like tidal as there are a few venues I do don’t have wifi and the phone signal is bad so if i could download to improve the quality it would a better solution for me. Keeping tidal for those one off weird requests.

On my old system i had kinda disregarded the internal hard drive cause it was a bit of pain getting it out to add music and worked with an external option all the time. I’m kind of wondering is this maybe a better option for me again. I am also thinking of the benefits of your sugestion of working to build a better quility drive and when its updated and ready to install i can wipe the external and sync it to be an exact copy incase of corruption. I’m assuming an ssd hard drive caddy doesn’t need a power source like the old HDDs?

Tidal is streaming only. With CD pool we mean something like BEATPORT - or BPM Supreme. There you can download tracks as physical mp3´s.

Only aspect … They don´t have all tracks. Tidal has the most tracks, but you never own them.

No a 2.5 "drive whether hdd or ssd will run on a usb to sata caddy I use these and they work very very well.

There are numerous cd pools for djs just google them. Most will let you browse before you decide the best for you. I know your feelings about streaming. I play venues where they dont even know what the internet is let alone have access to it ( converted barns as wedding venues etc) they think mobile phones are something from star trek

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Is there any in particular you would suggest that has a good mixture of new and old music as it sounds like you do something similar to myself?

Preferably something with unlimited mp3 downloads of good quality that would allow me to update my collection for the new hard drive when all updated i could review if i wanted to keep the subscription.

I know this is off subject.

In regards to the ssd to be installed internally I only have a usb lead but as its not being taken out i’m hoping it should do the job.

From experiance is better to have an internal drive than a removable one in the long term?

Using sync is it easy to have creat a fully copy to another ssd as a back up?

Kk i have an age old library on internal to handle any stupid requests (you know the type…) i use extetnal to keep up to date as its easier and a usb key to handle a specific brides playlist wishes

Dont use it myself. I clone the disk to make a backup. Being external i can plug into whatever and update simply.

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