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Where and how do does everyone find new music then acquirer new music? I find my self at beatport because the site has lists like "Must Hear New for " and “Top Ten Releases” I’ve looked at other sites like Juno and WASABeat but have never purchased anything there. I know there are record pools but because I don’t make a living as a DJ i can’t seem to either join or justify a 25 to 50$ a month subscription.

Well, since I am just a “normal” user here I think I can point you in the direction of Digital DJ Tips site. Both on the site and the forums you will find quite a few articles and posts on the subject. Search function is your friend there.

@moderators: If I am overstepping boundaries here, please let me know and delete reply.

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i figured this would be the place to ask since it wasn’t related to any specific Hardware and I didn’t see a question of the same. If I duplicated a question here I apologize.

Depends really on your style.

If you are playing non mainstream stuff then Beatport, Traxxsource etc

For mainstream stuff you can’t beat joining a pool.

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Do feel free to share any links you recommend :slight_smile:

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DJ_Vintage I completely failed at comprehending your reply last evening and I am sorry. Digital DJ Tips is a separate site and not Tips & Trick here at Denon DJ and you were not telling me to search this site but the other one. Again my apologies for not comprehending. Thanks for the tip

No worries. Being one of two moderators over at DDJT forums, I happen to have a rather comprehensive understanding of what you can find there. And I apologize for not being clearer in my reply that it was indeed an “external” site.

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Soundcloud, look at some of your favorite producers and djs, I’m sure they play some tracks you like and don’t forget the big radio shows made for djs like radio 1, extra, etc. they’re all free on SoundCloud so you don’t have to be tuned in to listen. These are modern day mixtapes showcasing tunes.

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