Music cutting out occasionally


I have noticed that occasionally the tracks seem to cut out occasionally for a second. It has done this several times when practicing with the new kit and am concerned this will happen during a live gig, as certainly doesn’t look very professional. I thought at first it may be because I have streamed a track from TIDAL but it did it on tracks on my SD card also. A little worried about this?

Any thoughts? Has anyone encountered this too?


Why do you think the problems is Prime Go and not your 1. speakers 2. cables?

If you have tested both 1 and 2 with other devices why not mention it in the first post?

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Tried it just through my headphones too so not speakers or cables.

Maybe your SD card is slow? Is it a branded one? I’d suggest trying from another source (USB flash drive etc) to determine if it’s the Go or the storage media.

I’m not certain whether the cached Tidal track sits in RAM or gets cached on the connected storage…

Thanks for the reply. The card is a SanDisk Ultra 128 GB microSDXC Memory Card it did say “with A1 App Performance Up to 100 MB/s, Class 10, U1” so thought this should be good enough.

May get a different one and see if that makes a difference. Recommendations on quality SD cards?

Have you not got a USB stick or hard drive you can try? It would eliminate any potential problems with the SD slot as well.

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Yes, have a USB so will try that. Certainly have it as a back up thanks.

I have this issue with my Dell XPS 15 laptop if i use it to record direct from the mixer, appears to be a known issue with no apparent resolve which is a bummer, it’s nothing to do with latency as i have used a latency monitor and the laptop should handle what i am throwing at it with no problems.

To this end i no longer use my laptop to record any mixes that i do as the dropouts and random audio corruption appears in the recordings, now i use my Traktor S4 to do the recording.

Any other USB/SD cards that i have used of varying speeds and capacities do not exhibit any of these issues.

I have no problem with music cut on Prime Go

@5156335 If possible try to capture your issue on video, making it easier to track down the cause