Multiple DJs on a Prime 4+?

I have a quick question. I have always appreciated Denon for staying at the cutting edge of technology. I still have my Rack Mounted DN-D9000 Dual CD Players (w/ Alpha Track)!!! and my MC6000Mk2 & MC7000!!! LOL.

I just want to know why they opted to leave teams/venues that may play with multiple DJs out of consideration when they started their standalone controllers.

Before everyone comes for my neck, YES I fully realize that there is the possibility of simply having each DJ plug in their HD, SD card or Flash Drive into one of the 4+ ports made available on the Prime 4+, BUT that only works if all of the DJs are comfortable with the Engine OS, AND have their crates setup and arranged on a FAT32 or ExFAT formatted drive. I know a LOT of DJs who use Macs and actually prefer using some of the other formats which tend to make searching a little faster on a Mac.

I don’t even think we need to discuss DJs loving their own particular software, especially when they’ve figured out the quirks and worked out the kinks.

Even if you allowed for the primary or host DJ to be setup on the Prime 4+ with the internal drive, and let other DJs jump in via their own laptop, there is the large amount of lag time while the Prime 4+ has to “switch gears” from Standalone to Computer mode. I don’t think we even have the option to play something via a channel (on a line mode) while swapping out laptops, like we used to do before the multi DJ hardware was available. I’d gladly bring along my iPad or even an old iPod or mp3 player if I could wire it up to line 4 and play a song or 2 while the rest of the system reset.

One of the things I still love about my MC7000 is the fact that no matter how many DJs are on deck for an event/party/show/festival, the music never had to stop and as long as your DJ software recognized the controller the transitions or even dual mixes were damn near bulletproof. No dead air and the music didn’t stop until we wanted it to.

I’ve even had occasion where I’d ALWAYS have my backup laptop wired in just in case there was any issue during the set.

Right now while I love the Prime 4+, and am looking forward to the hardware based Stems integration, I almost feel like the InMusic brands all have the idea that standalone controllers are for DJs who stand alone. And while I’m old enough to still appreciate working an entire set solo from setup to breakdown, I also realize that there are a lot more multi-DJ events that shouldn’t require us going backward in time where everyone will need to bring in their own gear and run thru a mixing board to work together.

Is there ANY chance we might see that multi laptop feature brought back in future builds?

Engine OS is constantly evolving so there are new features and functionality being added. In the meantime you can tap into one of the new features whereby you can connect your laptop wirelessly to the Prime device and use it to search your Engine playlists… or another option would be to attach additional decks and an external sound card (the reloop flux is a new up to date card) to the Prime 4 to facilitate other DJs.

Both are somewhat workarounds but both would achieve what you need. As far as having seamless switchover, i wouldn’t hold your hopes up for it being implemented, as it seems like they have designed it the way it is for a reason. You may need to look elsewhere if thats a dealbreaker.

Kinda makes sense…because there is a completely separate product line for clubs that takes into account multiple djs working on the same gear and it’s X1850/SC players combo.