Multiple BPM tracks in Engine Prime and SC5000 player

Hello I own a Denon MCX8000 and I’m thinking to change my rider to the Denon SC5000 media player, I have started using Engine Prime for a while now and I have a lot of multi BPM tracks, tracks that goes from 128 to 96 and vise versa. I was wondering if Engine Prime supports BPM changing tracks and if it can import an already BPM corrected tracks from Serato. I was also wondering if the SC5000 media player can read a BPM change while performing live.

Multi BPM, Nope - if you try to beatgrid it manually, Engine Prime will warp it to one tempo kinda like ableton.

BPM and Beat grids from Serato are not ported over by Engine Prime, just cues points, loops and track info

Thanks for your reply. Is Engine Prime getting the multi BPM feature in future updates?

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