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I have downloaded a load of music and the music label is not in the ID3 tag of the mp3, instead it’s in the file name.

Can anyone please recommend a piece of software which will automatically replace the text in the label column, with the name of the actual label, which is in these [xxx] brackets on the file?

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Try Mp3tag - the universal Tag Editor (ID3v2, MP4, OGG, FLAC, ...)

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Have downloaded this software and it’s a bit confusing, I can’t work out how to get this action done :frowning:

Post a filename example

Example file:

Dangelo (Arg) - Last Expedition (Original Mix) [Dissolved Mind]

Convert → Filename - Tag

%artist% - %title% [%PUBLISHER%]



Tagscanner is highly recommend.

If you have a discogs account (free) it will use this as a database (as well as Amazon and others) to fill in the obvious artist and title with album art etc… but also - year of release, LABEL, EP/LP track number, genre etc…

I use this first then batch edit it mp3tag if required


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found a free automated discog tagger on reddit.

Just sharing


Cant get the Year of Release to work proberly… It takes the year of the album, not the actual release year of the track :worried: Messed up quite a bunch of tracks with that :exploding_head:

Ideas/ expertise are welcome :pray:

Metadatics is great if you are on a Mac.

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Be sure you select the single version if that’s what you need and not the album with its year.

I have tracks that I ripped from my vinyls years ago. I found it very handy to tag with original art work as coming from the vinyl era I found looking for the art work I knew instantly what that track was.

It’s nice to have full tag data including the vinyl press number etc too.

Perfect thank you for your help with this!

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