Moving my library from PC to USB drive

I have spent some time looking for an answer here on the forum but I am still so confused about this. I am worried I am just wasting time working on my beatgrids and hot cues on PC. I wanted to prepare my library on PC to move it to an USB drive afterwards to use it on my Prime 4. Is that even possible? All I am reading seems so complicated and confusing. All these tips about using rekordbox cloud etc…? Most of the articles are quite old so i realy hope something that basic is already much easier then using 3rd party program? Thanks so much!!!


If you do not have great needs, you can prepare your playlists with Engine DJ Desktop, analyze the tracks, eventually correct the grid, set the loops and Hot Cues, create your playlists. Then insert your USB stick into your PC, use the Sync Manager command, select the playlists you want to export to the remote drive and proceed. At the end you find the USB stick ready to insert into your console. We all do this and it works.

Then if you have special needs or if you are used to working in other ways, then maybe you can find the system a bit complicated, but if so then none of us could use our own equipment to put music.

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Hi, I have a large music collection which I have loaded and analysed in Engine DJ. The directory structure on my PC, has many thousands of subdirectories one for each artist, under a top level set of directories called 0,1,2,…9,A,B,C…Z So A/ABBA/Waterloo - ABBA.mp3 , as an example. What happens when I use Engine DJ to copy the “Collection” onto my 1TB SD card ? Will I have problems with Engine trying to re-create the same directory structure, or can it sort out the directories to meet the requirements of EngineOS ?

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An additional question, How do I use EngineDJ to copy the whole “collection” to my SD card ?

Sync manager doesn’t show the collection, only Playlists. I don’t have any playlists !

same question for me… Engine only copy/sync the playlist but not the files associated (as Rekordbox does). I’m a Pioneer previous user, by now i have both console and sw at the same time, testing Denon for a friend of mine. By now I’m having some troubles/problems with Engine SW… but for some aspects i think it has some features better than Rekordbox

i am also having this issue, only work around ive found so far is to create a playlist called “All” and put my entire collection in that playlist then use sync manager as normal :slightly_smiling_face: (use ctrl + A to select all then drag into the playlist) not ideal as it means remembering to add any new songs to that list before updating/ re-syncing but it gets the desired outcome