Moving my library from older computer to new, and to an external drive?

I recently bought a new (Apple M1) laptop and I would like to move my full library, including all my playlists from my old (Apple Intel) laptop to the new laptop, and use an external drive as the destination drive instead on the new laptops internal drive.

What would be my options for this?

Could I simply be using the sync manager to do this, like so:

  1. On old computer, copy everything first to a thumb drive and then
  2. sync that thumb drive to a new computer, and after this
  3. move the music folder from the new computre’s internal hard drive to an external drive and then
  4. use Recordcloud or Mixo to search the missing files in order to point the new system to my external drive


Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

This would be the way to go. As long as ALL your music is in the music folder

You could use sync manager but i wouldnt.

This might be a problem: all my music is under one folder located on my desktop. Originally I thought Engine would copy the tracks from that folder (a download folder) to a dedicated folder under the prime folder structure but this wasn’t the case. So now my engine library is linked to the folder located on my desktop. This is one of the things I’d like to get fixed at this point.

The whole file management feels un-intuitive to me and when we moved from 1.x to 2.x. and Engine file-system got renewed, that made things even more manageable to me. Just my personal views on the subject though. Maybe I’ve missed some instructions and there’re some instructions somewhere. idk.

How so? Can you recommend a better solution to this?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ok copy your download folder to an external drive. This becomes you master folder with ALL your tracks. In engine drag theat folder from external drive into the collection and you have a master collection. You can now drag tracks into new playlists (crates) easily… If you look in your downloads (master music folder) you should see a folder called engine. If you copy thst master folder over including the existing engine database will be on external drive keeping all your cues loops and playlist structure. Engine only looks at that folder it doesnt work on hierarchy IE c/music/master/ new If all your tracks are in folder new then copy that new folder and it will still work

Thanks, I will give it a try!

If I understood correct, the procedure goes like this, right?

  1. Copy the master folder from old computer to an external drive (in my case located on my desktop ‘downloads’ folder)
  2. Drag this master folder (from the external drive) in to Engine DJ ‘collection’ on the new computer
  3. Copy the ‘engine database’ from the old computer located under master folder to the external drive, keeping the folder structure the same. This will help importing all the old playlists and cues in to right places on the new computer.
  4. Done

No… Does your desktop downloads files show in engine???

If so just copy the contents of that folder over. To the root of external drive ( formatted to exfat,)… as in open desktop downloads ctrl -a (pc) cmd -a (mac) and drag that highlighted lot to root of external drive. Then your library will show as is on desktop on any machine running engine or any prime device

Yes, the files from the desktop downloads folder show in Engine DJ collection. The desktop downloads is my collection.

the ‘Engine Library’ folder (database), is located under disc/users/user name/music/Engine Library

Confused :confused:

Yeah sorry my bad. Copy the folder then copy the engine folde4 over