Moving Hot Cues In Engine Prime

Is it possible to move Hot Cues to a different tab in Engine Prime Software.

Can You tell more in detail what exactly You want to do? Hot Cues are related to a specific track that are set in.

Think @VWAV wants to move cue points from a slot to another eg from slot 1 to 5

There is no way to do that AFAIK

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That is correct. I note other OS have the ability to move them. Its that sometimes you want the cue in a different location rather than having to re-cue them all the time. Could this be added in a future update.?

Search the feature request area for any existing request

If there is none …go ahead and create one

There are request for this already, including my request from some longer time ago.

We have not enough Likes on that requests i think

Thanks Guys. I know not a major one but a nice to have in moving HC. Do you all solely use Engine Prime OS rather than an other OS. I have P4 and had tried serato which seems to crash or lock up on occassions. Apologies if this has gone off thread…

I use only Engine Prime on my computers, and Engine OS on the devices. All works fine for me.

This is not always true: there are requests with many “likes” that have never been implemented. It depends. Most of the requests are useful and interesting, but maybe they don’t have the time to implement them all.

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