Moving head placement on Prime 4…

Brand new to Control One and to recent Soundswitch versions (I owned the OG Soundswitch box and wasn’t a fan of SS workflow then).

Love so many things about it! Some things seem missing still or I’m possibly just missing how to accomplish them.

Moving head gobos. I don’t see any way to alter/change then on the fly from the control one? Would be nice to be about to cycle through them. Again maybe I’ve just not seen a way.

But they main thing is, setting moving head position directly from the Prime 4. I see where I can temporarily move it but once I exit that screen it goes back to their original scripted location. Is there not a way I can do this and choose it as a default? Then all of the scripted parts just stay in that area?

Also would love a built in visualizer!

@Djscottyb i think i have replied to this via the support channel. Gobo control this can be done using Static Looks but it is not currently possible to cycle through the different Gobo’s when in Performance Mode.

The Positions on Engine Lighting allows you to edit your existing Position Cues and any changes you do make to the individual Position Cues will then be applied to all scripted tracks or Autoloops that contain that Position Cue.

If you are wanting manual control to trigger your moving heads to a specific location you would need to use the Position Overrides for this.

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Liam you did and I greatly appreciate it! (I praised you guys in another thread for your great support!) I’m sure you have a lot of support-related emails and messages to shoulder. Still hopeful for some more ‘control’ for moving heads with the Control One though. Thanks again and have a great day/night!

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